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Painting homes exterior in Hanover, PA

Painting Your Homes Exterior: Can You Do It Yourself?

The freezing winters and stormy summers that occur in South Central Pennsylvania can be pretty rough on the exterior of your home. With it being the end of summer; now might be the time to look into doing some painting. Summer is a great time to get the results you desire when it comes to […]

Everything You Need To Know About Kitchen Countertops

How do you know when to replace your kitchen’s countertop? More than likely, it’s not now. Countertops are one of those things that can last for decades. If you’re happy with your material and color, then there’s no reason to change. There are however a few circumstances where you may want to upgrade. Generally, you’ll […]

Kitchen Renovations | Kitchen Remodeling Hanover, PA


When To Replace Your Vinyl Siding and Where To Go From There

You spend so much time worrying about the interior of your home. You want the nicest furniture, the newest technology and even the best appliances. Do you ever stop to worry about the outside of your home though? Your homes siding is a big part of homes curb appeal. Sure, having those professional landscapers come […]

Kitchen BackSplashes & Why You Need One!

Kitchen remodeling projects can be a lot of fun. You really get to put some of your personality into your home by picking out the type of countertops, cabinets, appliances and even the hardware and accessories used to dress things up. One of the things that is often forgotten is the walls in and around […]