Basement Remodeling Tip: Converting Basement Egresses Into Natural Lighting

Basement remodeling is tough. How do you create a warm environment out of a dark and damp space? You can try all you like with track lighting and other forms of indoor lighting, but it just never achieves the same effect that natural light can. So what is a aspiring man caver to do? Let’s explore one often overlooked options that not very many basement remodeling contractors have explored, basement egresses. Basement egresses are usually required in every basement, no matter if it is finished or not. For those unfamiliar with the term egress, it simply means “exit” in building code and inspector language. Egresses are required by most states and local townships in their building code requirements to create an exit in the event of an emergency. So if they are required why not put them to work for you?

Most basement egresses put in by modern building contractors look something like this:standard basement egress

Sure this will let some light in and it is true to its definition in serving as an exit in case of emergency but it surely does not provide any kind of a view and definitely does not optimize the lighting opportunities that it could provide. So the million dollar question; what can a homeowner do to capitalize on this to give your basement remodeling project that little bit of extra flair? Below we put together an album of examples of awesome basement egresses from around the web for your enjoyment. Check them out and remember that even if you already have a finished basement, this is always a great addition.