Custom Bathroom Remodeling – A Case Study

Thinking Smiling Woman With Questions Mark Above Head Looking UpPeople often wonder what goes into remodeling a bathroom. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and a LOT of materials that need to be ordered. How do you make sure you end up with a finished project that stays on budget, is of high quality, and looks the way you envisioned it? Well we are going to answer some of those questions for you today!

It all begins with a homeowner that decides that they are ready for something new in a bathroom. Maybe it is because their current bathroom is outdated. Maybe they said to themselves “this is nice” while using the facilities in a neighbors house at a barbecue. There are a million reasons why you decide that the loo is need of an update but the question remains, “what now?”. Well you probably start with looking at pictures of different ideas and designs online. You probably decide what color you might or what theme interests you. But then what?

RodneyFirst, you need to choose and contact a bathroom remodeling contractor, which is when you call us because, umm well, lets face it, we’re awesome! After we take some essential information you will get a call back from this awesome guy named Rodney. Rodney will come out and sit down with you to review your project and start the process. From here it can go a few different ways depending on what you are looking to do, but today we have a case study to share! In this particular example we are going to showcase a homeowner and a custom bathroom that was inspired from a brochure from their favorite vacation spot. We are going to walk you through the process showing you what it looks like from both the consumer side of things as well as from our prospective as the contractor.

    1. We received the call from the homeowner letting us know that he was looking into doing a full custom bathroom remodel. This particular homeowner was in the market for something really nice and had a large master bathroom off of the master suite in his home.  He did have an idea of what he was looking for in the look and feel of the new bathroom from a clipping out of a magazine showing the style that he wanted to achieve. He shared his vision and Rodney went to work taking measurements. 
    2. Rodney takes all of those measurements and puts everything into this handy software that renders a 3D view of the bathroom. In this stage we reviewed color combos and materials such as granite countertops, stone accents, tile flooring and cabinet colors with the homeowner to get their preferences just right. After materials, colors and placement in the room are discussed, they are incorporated back into the digital 3D render of the proposed remodel and delivered to the homeowner for final approval. Check out the image below to see what a 3D render looks like!
      Custom Bathroom Illustration
    3. Once the proposed design is approved we begin pricing all of the materials and labor involved in achieving the design created in the 3D rendering. Of course we review the original budget and if we are off (high or low) due to choices in materials and or custom work, we review where we can adjust the design to stay on budget and still deliver a finished bathroom that the homeowner is happy with.
    4. Now comes time to sign on the dotted line! Once a contract is signed and a deposit is collected we order all of the materials and get the ball rolling! One thing that we do is actually wait to schedule the start of construction until most (if not all) of the materials have arrived. This is a pretty important step because it prevents delays in completing the job due to waiting on suppliers.
    5. Construction begins! Our team of expert carpenters, painters & contractors get to work wiring plumbing and all that other great stuff to build out that dream bathroom! Project lengths are always dependent on the size and complexity of the job but for reference sake this particular project took about 9 weeks to complete.
    6. Start enjoying your new bathroom! Check out the gallery below for pictures of this job after completion!

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