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What Does Return On Investment Mean To You?

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Do a Google search for “home remodeling projects that add value to my home” and you will find that Google produces nearly 10 million results! Shocking right? Seems like everyone has done in depth analysis of what home improvement projects are producing the highest return on investment these days offering up all kinds of graphs, charts and advice on what you should do to your home. But what about you? If you plan on being in your home for a good long while wouldn’t it be wise to think about a quality of life factor as well? No one seems to be touching on this. Your home is just that, a home. This is where you memories are created, where you bring your children home from the hospital, where you retire, where you love your family and spend your downtime. Creating an environment where you can feel at home and love where you are is paramount in choosing your next remodeling project.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for making wise investments into my home and choosing the right project for financial reasons, but I also believe that choosing a project needs to be functional. Adding a new steel entryway door might produce a really high return on investment, but is having a steel front door really important to you?

So what is important to you? If you love to cook, maybe a kitchen remodeling project is just right. The return on investment according to the remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report (http://www.costvalue.com) states that that in the Mid Atlantic we can expect an average of about 64% on a major kitchen remodeling project. But that only measures the dollars and cents. Having an environment where you can practice something you love to do might be worth that 35% to you. So I ask again, what is important to you?

Living In The Lap Of Luxury!

If luxury is what you are into you might think about a bathroom remodeling project. A lot of people don’t realize how much time is spent in the bathroom. Literally, years of our life are spent sitting on the porcelain throne and in the tub. Adding a hot tub bathtub, a step in shower fully equipped with one of those fancy rain emulating shower heads or granite counter tops with his and hers sinks can really make you feel like you are living in the lap of luxury!

Need more space?

If you answered yes, you might consider a custom home addition or maybe remodeling your basement. One of the most common things you hear from homeowners is that they wish they had more space. You can feng shui till you are blue in the face, but you will still have the same square footage unless you convert unusable space or build more.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

If you want the nicest looking house on the block, exterior remodeling is where you should focus. It is amazing what adding new siding, windows, custom doors or a custom roof can do for the curb appeal of your house! If you do happen to be a person looking to increase the value of your home, these would also be the prudent choice as they typically return the most value back into your home.

All in all, remodeling you home should be done for you and your family. Making sure that you are in a home where you can let your hair down and be comfortable is what it is all about. Don’t lose sight of what you want and make sure that you are going to be happy with where you live. After all, there is no better investment one can make than the one that pays in happiness to themselves and their family!
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