Choosing A Flooring Type That’s Right For You

When it comes to choosing a flooring type, the choices available have expanded greatly over the last few decades. While having a large selection is great, it can often times be overwhelming. Purchasing new flooring is more than likely a long-term investment and not a decision you will make on the fly. For that reason, we are going to go over some questions you should ask yourself when choosing the right flooring type and hopefully after reading this, you will have an idea of where to start on your flooring selection process.


So which flooring types provide the best durability and will last for years to come? An important question that has a variety of options open to you, dependent on your circumstances, and your climate in many cases. But, generally speaking, high AC rated laminate floors, solid and engineered wood flooring, porcelain tile, and stone tile are great places to start when it comes to hard-wearing, long-term floors designed to last for decades and beyond.


In many cases, the most important questing when selecting the right flooring type is cost. As mentioned before, purchasing a new flooring type is normally a long-term investment. But, even still, you’re going to want to select one that remains in your budget. For an example of affordability in a floor, some great selections of laminate flooring are waiting for you to explore them, delivering the look of real hardwood at a fraction of the cost. The same goes for many types of tile, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.


Sometimes we just want things to be quiet! That’s why more and more home and business owners are looking for flooring that naturally dampens sound, or is at least unlikely to create that echoey, clicky sound. Some good examples of quiet floors would be carpet (which absorbs sound by way of thicker underpad) and vinyl tile which can be attached to a subfloor, avoiding any gaps between the flooring and that subfloor, the cause of the ‘echo’ you hear on other types of flooring.


Like mentioned before, buying quality flooring is a long-term investment, home and business owners like yourself are also thinking about what comes after the installation. While some are easier than others, there is NO flooring type that is installed and remains beautiful without any sort of maintenance. This is where a lot of the smoother floors come in, particularly laminate floors, tile and vinyl, which are designed with this aspect in mind. Most of these choices in flooring are kept looking great by way of weekly attention, with dry or barley-damp mopping to clear them of dust and grit; no sealing, no refinishing, no hassle.

Re-Sale Value

Some home and business owners are looking to add a flooring type that will increase value and a larger return when selling a property. In this, the traditional floor covering is the obvious choice. Solid hardwood and stone tile are probably your best choice. They allow for a broader base of buyers and tend to be the flooring types that most people are willing to spend a little more on to get.

Hopefully after reading this, you will have an idea of some questions to ask yourself before investing in a new flooring type. While some floors are easier to install than others, a majority of them require the expertise of professionals to be installed properly. If you are interested in receiving a free estimate on your flooring investment, consider giving the professionals at ASJ a call. To receive your free proposal, simply give us a call or click one of the “Get A Quote” buttons located throughout our page.

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