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Custom Bathroom Remodeling – A Case Study

People often wonder what goes into remodeling a bathroom. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and a LOT of materials that need to be ordered. How do you make sure you end up with a finished project that stays on budget, is of high quality, and looks the way you […]

Custom Bathroom Remodeling By ASJ Construction

Beautiful bathroom with granite in York, PA

How To Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget

Have you been wanting to give your bathroom a more unique, modern look, but haven’t because of the cost that comes with such a big project? Well you’re not alone. While the bathroom can be one of, if not the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate, there are ways to achieve your vision […]

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas In Hanover, PA

Bathroom remodeling in our area can be a little tough if you are looking for something modern. Homes in the Hanover, PA and surrounding areas typically have a little age on them and the trend of large, open, naturally lit bathrooms is a rather new one. So what to do? Creating ideas for your space […]

tiled bathroom in Hanover/York, PA

Remodeling Trends To Keep Any Eye Out For In 2014!

So our long winter has left us all stuck indoors for longer than most of would like. I don’t know about the rest of you but it has left me a little wanting for space in my home that is a little more enjoyable. Remodeling your home is fun and you can definitely throw in […]

York & Hanover, PA Remodeling Projects That Pay Back!

What Does Return On Investment Mean To You? Do a Google search for “home remodeling projects that add value to my home” and you will find that Google produces nearly 10 million results! Shocking right? Seems like everyone has done in depth analysis of what home improvement projects are producing the highest return on investment […]